Introducing Hackenproof

🀝 We are excited to announce the partnership with HackenProof | Web3 bug bounty platform πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ The world trusted web3.0 bug bounty platform, powered by the crypto cybersecurity leader. Prevent hacks, save money.

HackenProof partners up with Hacker Bro to expand our networking opportunities. Hacker Bro will publish their clients on HackenProof, while the bounty platform recommends Hacker Bro for other cyber security services and software development.

We provide a way for companies to receive reports on security flaws from hackers, customers, and independent security hackers before cybercriminals can exploit those vulnerabilities.


Hacker Bro Technologies

Hacker Bro helps to improve government and commercial organizations by uncovering new security issues in their products. Hacker Bro customers significantly reduce the risk of losing their data to cybercriminals. This helps them defend against cyber attacks.

  • Image Web Application Pentesting
  • Image Api Pentesting
  • Image Android Pentesting
  • Image IOS Pentesting
  • Image Network Pentesting
  • Image OT/IOT Pentesting
  • Image Decentralized Application Pentesting
  • Image Smart Contact Auditing
  • Image Malware Detection Removal

Protecting our Web applications and databases is a key element in safeguarding the private information


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    Vishnu M

    Managing Director - Shaders Digital Media Agency

    Awesome news, we are thrilled to improve our security Infrastructure with Hacker Bro Technologies and with Hackenproof

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    Vigneshwar R

    Business Development Executive - Hacker Bro Technologies

    Congratulations! Let's build web3.0 security in a better place with Hackenproof and with Hacker Bro Technologies


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